Monday, July 23, 2012

Apartment Cleaning Shortcuts

A number of cleaning brushes.A number of cleaning brushes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)No one, including myself, likes spending an afternoon or weekend cleaning the apartment just so it can get dirty again in a few days. It's time consuming and expensive for the short budgeted type. Here's a few ways to cut corners, save time, and make cleaning easier for you and your apartment.

Keep your Cleaning supplies handy!
Most people stow away cleaning supplies in a hard to reach closet space. Unless you have small kids or pets that will get into the toxic stuff, keep your broom right around the corner and disinfectant wipes right on the counter. When you make a mess, you can clean it up on the spot and worry less about leaving it for days where it will get much nastier.

Spray your light bulbs with perfume/air freshener
Oldest trick in the book. If you have guests coming over in 5 minutes, spray the TURNED OFF LIGHBULBS with something that smells nice. When you turn them on, it will create a clean smell for a decent amount of time. Make sure the lightbulb is not hot or it will shatter it, and don't spray on too much.

Put the Trash Can Near the Door
As you go out the door, you can take the trash with you. Two birds with one stone! Just make sure you or someone else puts a trash bag back in!

Good and clean apartments can be hard to find, but I know of a place in Troy Ohio called First Troy Corp. Rentals that has a nice reputation. They offer a variety of apartment living styles including townhomes, duplexes, triplexes, ranch style rentals and more! Do you have any other cleaning tips for the rest of us lazy people? Feel free to post them in the comments!
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